EWS Delete - BMW Z4 E85 E86 3.0i - N52 - MSV70 DME

BMW MSV70 DME EWS removal / Immobilizer delete service.

This IMMO delete service allows you to have a donor MSV70 ECU or spare MSV70 DME for your car to start the engine without being matched to your CAS - KEY. 

We also have another service where we program the donor MSV70 to your VIN and match it to your key and CAS, when that is not possible or you you don't want to mail in your key/cas, this EWS/CAS Delete service is a good alternative. 

You will still need the original key/cas installed in the car to be able to start the car and operate it properly.  

Fitment of BMW Models Supported:

Z4 E85, Z4 3.0i, Roadster, N52, USA, (BU33) : DME / MSV70
Z4 E85, Z4 3.0si, Roadster, N52, USA, (BU53) : DME / MSV70
Z4 E86, Z4 3.0si, Coupe, N52, USA, (DU53) : DME / MSV70

How to proceed with this EWS Delete service:

  • 1. Confirm your VIN to make sure it has the matching code above, your 4th-7th digits of the VIN. For example WBAVD33XXXXXXXXXX, that would show you have a 330xi with n52 engine with MSV70 dme. Then remove your DME and confirm the sticker shows it's an MSV70. 
  • 2. Place the order
  • 3. Print off the repair form in the green URL link above
  • 4. Mail in the filled out form and your MSV70 that you want EWS/CAS deleted from. 
  • 5. We will create a full backup image of your ECU. We then upload our modified software and mail the DME/ECU back. This is the safest way, as we can have a full backup of the entire ECU content to always be able to revert back to original data if ever needed.


Please print out this form and mail it in with your ECU. ECU will NOT be flashed until the form is filled out and sent to us. Thank you.
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BMW EWS (Electronic Immobilizer System) Delete FAQs

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