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BMW and MINI COOPER - Footwell Module - FRM3 Repair

Welcome to DUDMD Tuning's FRM3 Repair Service! We specialize in resolving common issues associated with FRM3 (Footwell Module) modules in BMW vehicles. Here's how we can help:

Common Issues caused by a failed Footwell Module:

  1. LED Malfunctions: Erratic behavior or failure of interior and exterior lighting systems.
  2. Window and Mirror Control Problems: Issues with window and mirror operation, including failure to respond.
  3. Central Locking System Failures: Inability to lock or unlock doors remotely or through the central locking button.
  4. Power Supply Issues: Intermittent power supply to various components controlled by the FRM module.
  5. Communication Errors: Failure to communicate with other modules in the vehicle, leading to malfunctions in related systems.

Common Symptoms of a Faulty FRM Module:

  1. Non-Responsive Lighting: Lights not turning on or off as expected, including interior lights, headlights, and taillights.
  2. Intermittent Window/Mirror Operation: Windows or mirrors failing to respond to commands.
  3. Inoperable Central Locking: Difficulty locking or unlocking doors using the key fob or central locking button.
  4. Warning Lights on Dashboard: Illumination of warning lights related to lighting or control systems, such as the check control or bulb-out warning.
  5. Electrical Malfunctions: Various electrical malfunctions throughout the vehicle, including random flashing of lights or failure of electronic systems.

Trust DUDMD Tuning to diagnose and repair your FRM module efficiently, restoring functionality to your BMW's lighting and control systems.