Volkswagen - VW - Bosch ECU - Cloning Service

This VAG BOSCH ECU cloning service will read the original all of the original ECU data and transfer VIN, immobilizer data, software, and coding (including injector coding if applicable) to the replacement ECU.

The replacement ECU will be identical to original after end of procedure whenever possible. We do not use soldering or removal of EEPROM chips off the board during cloning procedure if at all possible. 

For this cloning service, you will have to send in the original and replacement ECU (make sure part numbers match or are compatible). Replacement ECU can be sourced for fairly cheap usually on eBay or

If the original ECU is damaged beyond being able to read out data, we will ship back both units and provide a refund for your order, minus shipping cost/processing fees. We may also have an alternative to change the VIN and disable the IMMOBILIZER from the donor ECU when possible. 

If you have any questions, concerns or want to confirm that we can clone your certain ECU, please send us an email, and a picture of the ECU stickers.

ME7 - ME7.1 / ME7.1.1 / ME7.1.5 / ME7.5 / ME7.5.10 / ME7.5.20 / ME7.5.30 / ME7.5.5

MED9 - MED9.1 / MED9.1.1 / MED9.1.2 / MED9.1.5 / MED9.5.10

EDC15 - EDC15P / EDC15VM

EDC16 - EDC16CP34 / EDC16U1 / EDC16U2.1 / EDC16U31 / EDC16E34

EDC17 - EDC17C46 / EDC17C54 / EDC17C64 / EDC17C74 / EDC17CP04 / EDC17CP14 / EDC17CP20 / EDC17CP24 / EDC17CP44 / EDC17CP54 / EDC17CP74 / EDC17U01 / EDC17U05

MED17 - ME17.5 / ME17.5.20 / ME17.5.24 / ME17.5.26 / ME17.5.6 / MED17.1 / MED17.1.1 / MED17.1.10 / MED17.1.21 / MED17.1.27 / MED17.1.6 / MED17.5 / MED17.5.1 / MED17.5.2 / MED17.5.20 / MED17.5.21 / MED17.5.25 / MED17.5.5

Please print out the form below and mail it in with your ECU. ECU will NOT be flashed until the form is filled out and sent to us. Thank you.
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