K+DCAN USB OBD2 Cable - Diagnostics / Coding / Programming / Tuning

Our latest DUDMD TUNING K+DCAN OBD2 USB cable makes it possible for you to perform diagnostics, datalog, and tune your BMW engine!

Able to flash these DME with no issues: M5.2, M5.2.1, M7.2, M9.2, MS41, MS42, MS43, MS45, MSS52, MSS54, MSS54HP, MSS60, MSS65, MSS70, MSV70, MSV80, MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, EDC17CP09 and other DME and SMG/TCU modules.

Compatible with DUDMD TUNING Remote Flasher Applications for all E-series BMWs to support Engine Tuning, EWS Deletes, SMG flashing, and custom coding services.

Other K+DCAN Cable Features:

    • Compatible with: BMW’s diagnostic tools (ISTA , INPA , EDIABAS , WinKFP , NCS Expert , Tool32 and others)
    • Compatible with: XHP and MHD applications
    • Latest upgraded firmware for increased speed, performance and stability
    • Check and Clear: Fault codes and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
    • Perform Coding to code module to default or customize the coding
    • Reading Flashing Programming Module s
    • Data logging ECU Live Data via INPA, Test0, other apps that support live logging
    • Switch for double K-line support on pins 7+8 (Older BMW Models: E36, E46, E39, etc.)

    DUDMD Tuning K+DCAN Cable Performance and Reliability:

    The cable firmware has been updated to the latest available firmware. The latest firmware does help with the following:

    • Increased writing speed by 25-30% over the cheap generic K-DCAN cable from China with old buggy firmware.
    • It fixes the bug that is inside all generic cheap quality KDCAN cables from China that affects the data integrity when flashing with DCAN protocol on the later E-series vehicle like: E60/E70/E90/E82/E83. This causes the data to be flashed incorrectly and can brick the DME like on EDC17CP09 in 335D and E70 35D, MSS60 E90/E92 M3, MSS65 in E60/E63 M5/M6, Flashing Transmission ZF6HP and SMG module, MSV70, MSV80, MSS70 DMEs can also be easily bricked.
    • For best speed, safety and reliability of flashing, avoid using cheap generic cables at all cost and buy our upgraded cable that is reliable and bug free.


    • Older BMW models like E36/E38/E39 need to use a 20pin to OBD2 adapter to access all modules. Otherwise only the DME/EGS/TCU are able to be accessed from inside the OBD2 port. 
    • *Please note this is just a cable. It does not have a tune or software on it*


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