E39 528i - EWS Delete - M52TU - MS42

Please print out this form and mail it in with your ECU. ECU will not be flashed until the form is filled out and sent to us. Thank you.

EWS removal/delete service only. You send us your DME for modifications or you can do it yourself remotely via our new remote flasher app through your obd2 port and not require to even remove your dme or ship anything to us. 
If you would like us to supply a DME, select the option +DME.

No longer will you need a functioning EWS system to start your M52TU engine, which is ideal for swaps into other chassis like an e30/e34 for example. Good way to work around a faulty ews system (bad key/failed EWS module). Also a good solution to be able to finally install a remote start system in your BMW. Ideal for track cars to save every ounce possible and reduce electrical starting issues at the track.

Feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions.

This service is for MS42 DME from these vehicles:

  • 5' E39, 528i, Sedan, M52, MANUAL, USA, (DD53)
  • 5' E39, 528i, Sedan, M52, AUTO, USA, (DD63)
  • 5' E39, 528i, Sedan, M52, MANUAL, USA, (DM53)
  • 5' E39, 528i, Sedan, M52, AUTO, USA, (DM63)
  • 5' E39, 528i, Touring, M52, MANUAL, USA, (DP53) 
  • 5' E39, 528i, Touring, M52, AUTO, USA, (DP63)

We have 2 methods of having this EWS Delete installed (Flash Type Selection).

Method 1 - BENCH:  Remove the DME/ECU and mail it in. We will create a full backup image of your ECU without opening the lid or any physical damage to the ECU at all. We then upload our tune and mail the DME/ECU back. This is the safest way, as we can have a full backup of the entire ECU content.

Method 2 - REMOTE FLASH (Recommended): No downtime!!! With this option, once an order is placed, we will ship you a cable, that cable connects to a laptop. You will then be able to connect the cable to your obd2 port and laptop, and read/write your own DME/ECU on your own. Best of all it's most convenient for you to flash it anytime.

We will send you our new flasher software to download with instruction. With this flasher tool you can Read and Write our tuning files by yourself, and also be able to read/clear fault codes and adaptations. It will also be able to show you live data for easy diagnostics.

*You will need a Windows 8 or newer laptop and WIFI to flash remotely (Apple, Chromebooks are not supported)* INPA/Bimmergeeks K+DCAN cable will also work and are supported for remote flashing. You will need to purchase a cable from us for remote flashes if you don't have one. 

DME Options:: MS42 - EWS Delete
Flash Type: Bench - Mail In
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