2009-2013 BMW E70 X5 35D - USA M57 - SCR - DEF Countdown Reset Programming

SCR Countdown to No Start Reset for 2009-2013 BMW E70 X5 35D models.

This is a unique service that we offer to reset your SCR/DEF countdown reset for your E70 X5 35D BMW.

In case of a defective NOX sensor, a faulty SCR catalytic converter, or a clogged fail DEF pump/injector. Your X5 35D E70 BMW M57 Turbo Diesel BMW will activate either 1000 miles or 200 miles countdown scenario, and will prevent you from starting the engine when you reach 0 or --- on your dash. The issue is even after your repair the DEF / SCR system, you cannot reset this countdown, and typically BMW will force you to purchase a new ECU / DDE. There is nothing wrong with your ECU or DDE, it simply needs a reset and programming that is not possible via dealer or dealer grade software or high end diagnostic tools.

This DEF SCR Countdown reset service: 

  • Resets your mileage countdown back to normal operation after you repair your DEF / SCR system.
  • Allows you to use your original ECU / DDE to operate your engine
  • Does not disable or modify or remove any of the emissions systems

Common Signs that you need to repair your DEF / SCR system immediately:

  • "Wrong diesel exhaust fluid"
  • "Incorrect exhaust fluid"
  • "No start in 200 miles."
  • "No Start in 1000 miles"

    When these warning signs come up, you need to immediately look into the problem. It could be as simple as a low def fluid situation, in which case you just have to top off your def fluid tanks, and then hopefully the system self resets. If the mileage counter keeps counting down, you need to repair the system in time before reaching 0 miles, as after that you will need this reset service or tow your car to a repair shop, that can maybe do a 1 time, 50 miles countdown reset. In the case of the 1 time 50 miles reset, if you do not repair your DEF / SCR system by then, and you hit 0 miles again, the ECU is locked at 0 miles and the car will not start. This is when any shop or BMW will force you to spend 1000s of dollars to purchase a new DDE / ECU and program it to your car. 

    You do not have to purchase a new DDE or ECU, because we are able to reset the ECU back to new factory condition, then program it to your vehicle for you. 

    Please print out the form below and mail it in with your DME. DME will NOT be flashed until the form is filled out and sent to us. Thank you.

    DDE Programming Service: DEF - SCR Reset Programming
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