1993 - 1994 BMW E32 740i - M60B40 Performance Tuning ECU Chip

This DUDMD Tuning Performance Tuning DME chip is for:

    • BMW E31 (840i / 840Ci), engine  M60B40
    • BMW E32 (740i / 740iL), engine  M60B40
    • BMW E34 (540i / 540iA / 540i6), engine  M60B40
    • Other BMW models with a  M60B40 engine

The Performance Tuning Chip Features:

    •  Manual and Automatic versions are available
    •  Improved gas mileage - up to 3mpg
    •  Improved throttle response
    •  Improved wide open throttle horsepower and torque
    •  7000rpm rev limiter (can be changed upon request to your specs)
    •  Premium Gasoline required for maximum performance

Performance Tuning Chip work only for BOSCH MOTRONIC 0 261 200 404 ECU DME, which is in all above listed vehicles produced 12/94 and earlier. You an verify your production year on the sticker located in the driver’s door jamb.

1/95 and newer cars have to send in their chip to me, in order for me to build you a custom chip due to EWSII anti-theft code in the chip. Please ask questions or notify me if you have a 1/95+ car before buying a chip to arrange a deal.

Transmission: Manual
DME: 404
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BMW M60 Performance Chip Tuning FAQs

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